Search Engine Optimisation

Having found this page, you are likely here because you either (1) recognise the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and need some help, or (2) someone has told you that it is important and perhaps you are not sure why.


search engine optimisation

Cost effective search engine optimisation services for businesses in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex… in fact anywhere in the UK

Ok, addressing (1) first: We are good at Search Engine Optimisation… very good. No bells, no whistles, no pompous comments – we are simply very good.

Contact us using the form below or by calling 01233 349007 with your Search Engine Optimisation enquiry, your website url and any other relevant information and we’ll come back to you with our thoughts as to how to improve your search engine rankings, visibility and website traffic.


On to (2). Ask yourself: unless you run a well known national brand, are there more potential customers out there that know who you are and can find your website via its web address, or are there more out there that will want your product/service but have no idea that you even exist.

We would take the bet that it is the latter, and that is the reason why you need Search Engine Optimisation to allow people to find you – not for who you are, but for what you do or sell.

We are very good at explaining the Search Engine Optimisation process in simple terms, as we realise that not everyone is technically inclined. So don’t be afraid, contact us today using the form below or by calling 01233 349007 with your Search Engine Optimisation enquiry and we will walk you through the process and the benefits in a simple-to-understand way.


Our Search Engine Optimisation packages begin at £199 per month, depending on the complexity of the work involved and therefore the time required to achieve the desired results. We don’t tie clients in to long term tedious contracts – we work on an initial contract period of 3 months, with a rolling 1 month contract thereafter. We are able to look after your Search Engine Optimisation requirements regardless of the location of your business, and have particular focus in the Kent,  London,  Surrey,  Sussex,  Hampshire and Essex areas.

We demystify the Search Engine Optimisation process and are proud of the results we achieve for our clients.


Did we mention that we are good at Search Engine Optimisation?